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Columbus Hop Rhizomes

Columbus Hop Rhizomes

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Hop Rhizomes are available for order now.  The rhizomes are harvested in the spring and are typically available for shipment April thru June. Orders begin shipping as soon as we receive our stock.

Rhizomes are only available for order in the USA. Please check to make sure your State does not have any local restrictions.

Grows well in dry hot climates. Vigorous but susceptible to mildew diseases. Alpha Acid : 14.5 - 15.5% Pleasant with somewhat pungent aroma. Comparable to Nugget, Chinook.

Hops are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8.

Columbus Hop Pellets 1 Rhizome

Used for bittering mainly, good flavor. Columbus Pellet Hops are used in IPA, Pale Ale and Stouts. Columbus is a descendant of Nugget. It is a high alpha variety and is primarily used for bittering purposes. Columbus is often referred to as CTZ, a trio of similar hops including Tomahawk and Zeus.

Aroma: include black pepper, licorice, curry and subtle citrus.

Origin - USA

  • Alpha Acid14.5 - 17.5%
  • Beta Acid4.5 - 6%
  • Co-humulone28 - 30%
  • Total Oil2.5 - 4.5 mL/100g
  • B-Pinene0.6 - 1% of total oil
  • Myrcene45 - 55% of total oil
  • Linalool0.4 - 0.6% of total oil
  • Caryophyllene6 - 10% of total oil
  • Farnesene< 1.0% of total oil
  • Humulene9 - 14% of total oil
  • Geraniol0.2 - 0.5% of total oil