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Corny Keg Dip Tube Screen

Corny Keg Dip Tube Screen

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Corny Keg Dip Tube Screen

Stainless steel screen that slips onto your racking cane or keg dip tube and filters out dry hops.

The PureScreen is a welded stainless steel screen that slips onto 
your racking cane or keg dip tube and filters out fruit or dry hops 
from the fermenter, or whole hops and trub from the kettle.
Also allows dry hopping to be done directly in the keg.

Stainless steel construction makes it easy to sanitize. (Do not use bleach!)

Not recommended for use with plastic racking tubes or plastic 
fermenters - it can cause scratching and lead to possible infections. 
Pellet hops have a tendency to clog the pure screen - it works 
far better with whole hops.
2 Stars
Drilled plate not mesh!
Based on the picture I assumed that the product would be a mesh screen, what was delivered was a rolled drilled screen. AIH Note: We have updated the product image to reflect the new drilled screen. Thank you!
Reviewed by:  on 4/27/2017
4 Stars
Great Product
Had a pretty boozy Saison that I made that I had to dry hop. Needless to say that there was hop matter/reside when I moved it from the secondary fermenter to keg. The hops clogged up my dip tube and led to a really slow pour. Released the CO2 off of the keg, took out the dip tube and slid the screen over the end, then put it back in. Plugged the CO2 back up and had nice great pours with no hop matter in my glass. One con or request/change that I would make to this dip tube screen would be to allow the the top of the screen to be crimped to the dip tube so it holds on when putting it back down in the keg. Other than that, great product!
Reviewed by:  on 8/27/2015
5 Stars
Great Product
My dip tube on one of my corny kegs was plugged with hops. The mesh screen fits directly over the dip tube and effectively filtered out hop particles and allowed me to get beer out of the keg. I have since purchased a second screen.
Reviewed by:  on 4/24/2015

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