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Crystal 60L (Organic) Briess 50 lb Bag

Crystal 60L (Organic) Briess 50 lb Bag

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Crystal 60L (Organic) Briess 50 lb Bag

60 °L. 

A medium domestic caramel malt that contributes golden to light-red color and pronounced caramel flavor.

Briess Caramel Malts are roaster produced. Roasters, rather than kilns, make the fullest flavored and best performing
Caramel Malts. Briess roasters are efficient drum roasters that have been custom designed and engineered to roast
malt and barley. These customized drum roasters allow for the application of significantly higher temperatures to
green malt. This is a must for the true crystallization of sugars and development of unique flavors, colors and physical
properties only associated with the glassy, crystallized sugars of Caramel Malt.
• Caramel Malts are characterized by a glassy endosperm with varying degrees of sweet flavor ranging from light
caramel to toffee to burnt sugar. Typical color range of Caramel Malts is 10º to 120º Lovibond.
• A distinguishing characteristic of Caramel Malts is their ability to improve foam development and stability and
enhance viscosity due to non-fermentable structures they contribute to beer.
• Produced in the U.S.A. from Organic Certified 2-Row malting varieties

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