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Diffusion Stone (0.5 micron)
Diffusion Stone (0.5 micron)

Diffusion Stone (0.5 micron)

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.5 Micron Diffusion Stone

An extremely fine diffusion thatr is designed to force carbonate beverages with CO2 or to oxygenate wort when used with an oxygen regulator. The .5 micron has much smaller holes, allowing it to carbonate beer quicker and with a longer lasting head.  Due to the finer hole size, this diffusion stone will not properly aerate wort when used with an aeration pump.

*Please Note: Never touch the diffusion stone without using sanitize gloves. Oils o your finger tips can clog the small diffusion holes.

Length - 1"
Diameter - .5"
Micron - .5

Instructions for Carbonating:
This diffusion stone will best carbonate beer, sparkling meads, or sparkling wines with a homebrew kegging outfit consisting of a CO2 tank, regulator, appropriate lines and a keg. Using adjustable clamps, attach a 24" length of 1/4" or 3/16" tubing to the gas inlet dip tube with your diffusion stone attach to the other end. There are charts available both online and in books detailing the exact levels of temperature & CO2 pressure to achieve desired carbonation levels. The following is an example for an average carbonation level in beer:
-Chill the beer to 40 F
-Adjust regulator to 2 PSI and attach gas disconnect
-Increase pressure by 2 PSI every 3 minutes until 12 PSI is reached
-Beer should now be carbonated, for improved taste allow keg to sit under pressure for several days

Instructions for Oxygenation:
If using pure oxygen, about 40 seconds is required to fully oxygenate your wort. We recommend two separate bursts of 20 seconds; one before pitching your yeast, and another 3 hours after pitching. Please note that higher gravity beers may require additional time as oxygen does not dissolve as easily in liquids with higher specific gravities. 

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