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Digital Display Kegerator - (Stainless Steel Dual Faucet)

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24" Wide! Holds up to 3 kegs!
Item Number: 653-0008
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Digital Display Kegerator - (Stainless Steel Dual Faucet)

This is a double tap kegerator with a stainless steel front finish on the front.  The fridge is large enough to hold up to three homebrew kegs, three slim commercial kegs, or 1 commercial half barrel keg. The stainless steel tower is the perfect height for pouring and the integrated drip tray ensures that your fridge top stays clean. The digital display allows you to quickly check the internal temperature of your fridge and easily set your temperature in a range between 32 - 50 F. This model also features a durable, stainless steel fronted door, both great looking and long lasting.

-Stainless Steel Dual Tap Draft Tower
-Two (2) American "D" Type Sanke Coupler
-Taprite CO2 Regulator
-5 lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank (Empty)
-Krome Faucet
-Dual Gas Line with Sanke Connections
-Two (2) lengths of 5 feet of beer line with Sanke Connections
-Integrated Drip Tray
-Refrigerator Set on 4 Rolling Castors

Exterior Dimensions:
Height : 33.5"
Width : 23.625"
Depth : 23.375"

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