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Donation Requests

Each year, Adventures in Homebrewing receives hundreds of request for donations.  Due to the large number of requests that we receive each year, we ask that organizations meet the requirements below and follow the correct procedures to maximize the support that Adventures in Homebrewing can provide to our community.

We try to fulfill as many requests as possible in a timely fashion, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee that every donation request will be met even if your organization meets our requirements.

Eligible Groups/Events:

•        Non-profit organization that has 501(c)(3) IRS designation unless the fundraiser is a benefit for an individual

•        Organization located in the United States of America

•        Request must be received at least 4 weeks prior to event

•        Home Brewing Competitions or other Brewing Events

Non-eligible Candidates:

•        Organizations located outside the United States of America

•        Political organizations, campaigns or candidates seeking public office

•        Organizations that have already received a donated item within the current calendar year

•        For-profit organizations, family reunions, schools or churches

How to Request a Donation

If your organization meets the requirements listed above, please click the following link to complete our Donation Request Form. Please do not send duplicate requests or multiple copies of your requests to various departments.

In order to submit a valid request, you will be required to attach the following paperwork:

  • Request letter on organizational letterhead and/or an event flyer
  • Copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) form and tax-exempt identification number (if applicable)
  • Copy of IRS Form 990S (if applicable- if you do not know what it is, you likely do not have one)
These can be e-mailed to or Faxed to (313) 583 3294

Adventures in Homebrewing will make every effort to process your request within 3-4 weeks prior to your event. We will respond to every request we receive whether or not a donation is approved. All decisions made by Adventures in Homebrewing are final.

If you receive a donation, we ask that you fill out the enclosed donation response form and send it back to us by fax (313) 583 3294, Mail, or e-mail ( If you have misplaced your copy, you can download the Donation Response Form here.