1. DrinkMate Spritzer (Pewter)
DrinkMate Spritzer (Pewter)
DrinkMate Spritzer (Pewter)

DrinkMate Spritzer (Pewter)

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DrinkMate Spritzer Portable Carbonation System (Pewter)

A great, mobile carbonation system for creating tasty, sparkling beverages! The DrinkMate Spritzer will carbonate any of your favorite beverages whether water, iced tea, juice or even wine & cocktails! The Spritzer has a beautiful pewter finish and is both easy to operate and easy to clean. The compact design also makes it super portable. Take it along on your next camping trip, on long road trip or bring it to a backyard BBQ to sharing the sparkling fun! The system includes the Spritzer, a .5 L PET bottle, a fizz inducer for dispensing and maintaining carbonation and two 3 oz. CO2 cylinders. An easy to use "blast" for healthy, fizzy drinks!

Spritzer Portable Carbonation System Includes:
DrinkMate Sprizter
.5 L PET Bottle with Cap
Fizz Inducer
2 3oz. CO2 Carbonator Cylinders