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EdgeStar Single Faucet Digital Coffee Kegerator

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Single Faucet Digital Coffee Kegerator

A dream come true for cold brew aficionados! This single tap, stainless steel front digital kegerator has been been constructed to specifically dispense cold brew coffee, though it works great at a stout kegerator as well. The stainless steel tower features a stout restrictor faucet that when combined with the nitrogen gas system, will pour your coffee with delicious, creamy head. The nitrogen system includes a nitrogen regulator, all necessary tubing with swivel nut fittings, and a 5 lb. steel nitrogen tank.*

The fridge has a stainless steel plated bottom, easily handling the wear and tear associated with changing kegs out, and can easily fit two 5 gallon homebrew kegs (or two slim commercial kegs, or 1 half keg). The fridge top has a built in drip tray that features a removable lid to easily clean. Easily set, monitor, and adjust the internal fridge temperature with the convenient digital display.

Coffee Kegerator Features:
-Stainless Steel Single Tap Draft Tower (17" with Tap Handle)
-Stout Restrictor Faucet with Traditional Black Tap Handle
-Digital Stainless Steel Refrigerator (24"x25"x35") with Built-In Drip Tray
-Nitrogen Regulator
-Necessary Tubing with Swivel Nut Fittings
-Stainless Steel Base Plate
-Mounted Tank Holder

*Nitrogen Gas System use a mix of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Please consult a local gas distributer for proper filling.

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