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EdgeStar Single Faucet Digital Wine Kegerator

EdgeStar Single Faucet Digital Wine Kegerator

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Single Faucet Digital Wine Kegerator

The kegerator built for wine lovers! Keep your favorite vintages kegged and ready to consume. This stainless steel front, digital kegerator has a single faucet with stainless steel construction. This specialty faucet is made specifically for dispensing wine, constructed from durable stainless steel to combat the increased acidity of wine. This prevents your faucet from corroding and your wine from developing off flavors. This kegerator also features a nitrogen gas dispensing system. It includes all necessary hoses with swivel nut connections, nitrogen regulator and a 5 lb. steel nitrogen tank.*

The fridge has a stainless steel plated bottom, easily handling the wear and tear associated with changing kegs out, and can easily fit two 5 gallon homebrew kegs (or two slim commercial kegs, or 1 half keg). The fridge top has a built in drip tray that features a removable lid to easily clean. Easily set, monitor, and adjust the internal fridge temperature with the convenient digital display.

Wine Kegerator Features:
-Stainless Steel Single Tap Draft Tower (17" with Tap Handle)
-Stainless Steel Wine Faucet with Traditional Black Tap Handle
-Digital Stainless Steel Refrigerator (24"x25"x35") with Built-In Drip Tray
-Nitrogen Regulator
-Necessary Tubing with Swivel Nut Fittings
-Stainless Steel Base Plate
-Mounted Tank Holder

*Nitrogen Gas System use a mix of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Please consult a local gas distributer for proper filling.

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