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FerMonster PET Carboy 6 Gallon (Includes lid w/hole)

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FerMonster PET Carboy 6 Gallon (Includes lid w/hole)

Introducing the FerMonster Wide-Mouth Carboy! To enable easy cleaning, the FerMonster features smooth, ribless sides. This helps to reduce the residual yeast and sediment build-up. A 4" wide-mouth opening reduces spillage and the need for additional equipment when filling or cleaning the FerMonster. 

Other features include:

* 6 gallons in size
* Large enough capacity to be used as a primary or secondary fermenter
* Brilliantly clear with built-in 5 and 6 gallon markings
* Made with food-grade plastic and BPA-free
* Lid is constructed as one piece, providing an airtight seal 

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