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Fermentap Thermometer with 2.5" Probe

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Fermentap Thermometer with 2.5" Probe

A great addition for any brewer, this small (2.5") probed thermometer features an easy to read 3" face and a 1/2" MPT on the rear to attach to your kettle. The small 2.5" probe makes this an ideal thermometer for a boil kettle or hot liquor tank, the smaller probe making it much easier to operate around without disturbing or damaging it. Sturdy, durable construction ensures you will using it for sometime, it won't break like a standard glass thermometer.

-Stainless Steel Construction
-Fast Response to Temperature Change
-Hermetically Sealed to Prevent Moisture
-Easy to Calibrate with Flat Head Screwdriver (Calibration Screw is 1/16" hex nut)
-Temperature Range: 20º - 240°F (0º - 110ºC)
-Within 1% Full Scale Accuracy

**Not Recommended for Use with Mash Tun

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