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Fermentation Crock 5 Liter

Fermentation Crock 5 Liter

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Fermentation Crock 5 Liter by Mortier Pilon

Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi—some of the tastiest staples of a vitamin-rich diet are obtained through fermentation. This versatile, durable glass crock lets you make of all those, and then some—all for a third of the cost of most crocks on the market.

Co2 escapes the jar through a water seal.

This crock has a capacity of up to 5 litres (176 oz.) of vegetables, brine and seasonings, allowing you to ferment larger amounts of your favorite nutrient-packed produce. The rewritable label makes it easy to identify each batch, and the included recipe booklet provides directions for first-timers and inspiration for veterans.

The interior of all Mortier Pilon crocks and jars is 100% glass. The white parts on the outside of the crocks and jars are made of non-reactive, BPA-free plastic, and do not come into contact with the food.

5 Stars
Great design
This jar looks great on my countertop! It not as bulky as other jars and the wide opening is super convenient!
Reviewed by:  on 11/25/2016

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