1. Fermented Vegetable Master - 1 Gallon
Fermented Vegetable Master - 1 Gallon
Fermented Vegetable Master - 1 Gallon

Fermented Vegetable Master - 1 Gallon

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One Gallon Fermented Vegetable Master

Make fermenting your own vegetables at home easy! The Fermented Vegetable Master allows you to begin making pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables, fruits, and condiments and more while greatly reducing and often eliminating the threat of mold. This kit comes with all the necessary equipment to start fermenting at home. It includes a one gallon glass jar, an airlock, two lids (one grommeted lid for use during fermentation and a solid lid for storage after), a large ceramic fermentation weight and full instructions (Available HERE). The large ceramic weight features a break away design, allowing you ti easily place it within the jar to keep your fermenting items fully submerged in their brine. For tips on keeping your fermented vegetables submerged click HERE! Please note, the lid size and thread pattern are not compatible with canning jar lids. 

The Fermented Vegetable Master measures 9.4" high (14" with the airlock installed) with a diameter of 6". The mouth of the jar is 4.3" and the ceramic weight has a diameter of 3.75".

Fermented Vegetable Master Includes:
- One Gallon Glass Jar
- Grommeted Plastic Fermenting Lid
- Solid Plastic Storage Lid
- Ceramic Fermentation Weight
- Airlock