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Fruit Press #15 (6
Fruit Press #15 (6' X 8.5') Ratchet Style

Fruit Press #15 (6" X 8.5") Ratchet Style

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25 lb Capacity
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Fruit Press #15 Ratchet Style
6" x 8.5"; 25 lb capacity.

Unlike tabletop and fruit presses that use a moving screw and plate, these presses use a stationary threaded shaft with a ratcheting head to do the pressing with a greater amount of torque and capacity. Select a press that will meet your pressing requirements. Generally, 1 case of grapes will yield 3 gallons of wine. Each case of grapes weighs approximately 36 pounds. The #15 press will readily accommodate one case of grapes at one pressing.

Wine Press includes:

A pressed steel base with threaded shaft and drain pan.

Split wood basket with metal bands, hinges and pins.

Wood pressing plate and wood blocking.

Ratcheting head with metal knives or keys.

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