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Fruit Press #20 (8
Fruit Press #20 (8' X 14') Pressafrutta Versatile

Fruit Press #20 (8" X 14") Pressafrutta Versatile

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Pressafrutta Versatile #20 8 inch X 14 inche 

This Pressafrutta Versatile #20 Fruit Press is made in Italy.  It has a varnished frame to make it easy to clean.  It is the perfect press for getting all the juice out of your soft-skinned fruits.

Composed of a cage and a stainless steel structure.  Tiltable frame for ease of use.  It is a very robust product and can be used for the pressing of fruit (apples, pears, etc ...). 

Cage size diameter: 20 cm 
Cage height: 30 cm 
Hole diameter: 3 mm approx. 
Capacity: 9lt 
Weight: 10kg

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