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Gloria Twin Lever Capper

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Gloria Twin Lever Capper

The Gloria twin lever capper retains the price point you came to expect from the black beauty capper while improving on the design. Contructed of non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials the Gloria capper will last for years. Gloria's two ergonomic, anti-slip levers, allows for easy capping of most standard crown finish bottles. The specially designed steel crimping cup ensures that the crown cap is perfectly tightened. A magnet allows for easy and precise placement of the crown cap and an automatic ejector makes the extraction of the bottle after capping even easier. 

How to use the Gloria Twin Lever Capper:

1. Place the levers upward; 
2. Place the crown cap inside the cup allowing it to adhere to the magnet; 
3. With the bottle on a solid, level surface, place the capper with the cap on the bottle mouth; 
4. Push both levers down at the same time until the cap is completely closed;
5. Pull the levers back up without lifting the bottle from the surface.

Voila! It's that easy!

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