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GovReg Homebrew Starter Kit
GovReg Homebrew Starter Kit

GovReg Homebrew Starter Kit

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Feature: Stainless Steel
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GovReg Homebrew Starter Kit

This kit has everything you need to start using the innovative GovReg Inline Secondary Pressure Regulator on your own homebrew system. Check out below for more info on the GovReg Secondary Regulator.
-Starter Kit includes two Gov Reg Secondary Regulators, one Gov Reg Adjusting Tool, and two Ball Lock Adapters.
-Ball lock adapters allow you to connect the regulators directly to ball lock keg couplers, making this starter kit perfect for homebrewers.
-The inline secondary pressure regulators have a sturdy stainless steel construction with no gauges that can crack or creep out of tolerance..
-Perfect for any home set up with more than 2 beers needing dispense.
-Adjusting tool features a rubberized gauge protector, an easy reference gauge, and a simple-to-use pressure adjustment knob

GovReg Secondary Regulator
The ITW PRT Gov Reg Inline Secondary Pressure Regulator aims to change the game in the beverage industry. This regulator will greatly minimize install time and wasted beer, while maximizing profits and ensuring a perfect pour every time. Since it requires an adjuster tool, you won't have to worry about someone else messing with (and ruining) your settings, so you can set it and forget it! You don't have any gauges to worry about cracking or creeping out of tolerance and the durable stainless steel body gives you the ability to test for leaks under water and boil for sterilization. This regulator is great for use in short draw & long draw beer delivery systems, kegs in series, wine on tap, and soda soft drink pressurized delivery systems.

GovReg Secondary Regulator Features:
-Sleek inline design attaches directly to the gas port of any style of keg coupler
-Greatly reduces install time, effort, and expenses. Set it and forget it!
-Based on proven medical technology, Gov Reg™ provides high precision and lasting durability
-Preset output pressure set 12 PSI but can easily be adjusted to any PSI from 4-55 PSI
-Piston based design, accurate with no clogging.

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