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Grains, Malt, Sugars

  • Dry Malt Extract Dry Malt Extract
    Choose from plain extra light, light, wheat, golden, bavarian, amber and dark dry malt extract.
  • Liquid Malt Extract Liquid Malt Extract
    Choose from plain light, wheat, golden, pilsen, munich, rye, bavarian, amber, porter and dark liquid malt extract along with white sorghum.
  • Grains by the Pound Grains by the Pound
    For grains sold by the pound, you can also enter tenths of pound amounts to purchase.
  • Grains by the Bag Grains by the Bag
    50 and 55 pound bags are available for many types of grains offered here at Adventures in Homebrewing.
  • Sugars for Brewing Sugars for Brewing
    Find priming sugar, maltodextrin, lactose, Belgian candi syrup, rice solids, sorghum and other beer brewing sugars.
  • Honey for Brewing Honey for Brewing
    Wildflower, buckwheat and orange blossom honey for brewing beer or mead.