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Hard Apple Cider Refill

Hard Apple Cider Refill

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Hard Apple Cider Refill - NEW! 100% GLUTEN FREE! NET WEIGHT 18.62 OUNCES (528 GRAMS) Recipe will produce 2 gallons in approximately 2 weeks (approximately 4.0% ABV). This Hard Apple Cider is a bold, crisp hard cider that's a perfect treat for any time! Made by fermenting our apple concentrate, it has a bold taste that goes down easy, and a crisp, refreshing edge that?s lighter than beer. Serve ice cold and enjoy. Crisp, refreshing, and delicious! REFILL INCLUDES: 2 10oz Bottles Hard Apple Cider Concentrate 1 Packet Safale S-04 Dry Brewing Yeast 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser YOU WILL NEED: 1 1/2 Cups of Granulated Sugar

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