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Harens Dry Traditional Mead
Harens Dry Traditional Mead

Harens Dry Traditional Mead

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Dry Traditional Mead
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Adventures in Homebrewing Harens Dry Traditional Mead Kit

This kit will make 5 gallons of dry mead

What's Included:
13 Pounds of Honey 
AIH Additive Pack  

Pre-Measured Amounts of the Following:
Acid Blend
Yeast Nutrient
Pectic Enzyme
Potassium Sorbate 
Campden Tablets  

Easy to Follow Instructions

Yeast sold separately.

*Honey will not ship in Glass Containers, Honey is shipped in Plastic Containers

Mead Knowledge :

The ancient Greeks gave the name Ambrosia to mead.  It was also called Nectar.  Some of the ancients believed it was the drink of the gods, and was thought to descend from the Heavens as dew.  Then it would be gathered in by the bees. Ancient Greeks believed mead to have magical and sacred properties. The Greeks believed that mead would prolong life,  bestow health, strength, virility, wit and poetry. The bees themselves, we are told by Virgil’s Georgics are driven to the sky to honor the goddess Aphrodite. And, the prophetess’ at Delphi are suspected of drinking mead made from a honey from slightly toxic plants in order to induce their prophetic states, and visions of the future.
View The Harens Dry Traditional Mead Instructions here.

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