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Heat Pad for Beer and Wine Making

Heat Pad for Beer and Wine Making

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Heat Pad for Beer and Wine Making

This rigid plastic heat pad for your fermenters and carboys is the ideal solution for cold fermenting and brewing problems. This unit provides ideal temperature for year round brewing, fermenting, and wine making in cold conditions. Convenient and easy to use, simply place on a flat surface, put your fermenter or carboy on it and plug it in.

Supplies constant, steady convection heat (25 watts, 110v) without creating any hot spots, while being very inexpensive to run.
Can also be used for hydroponics, plant and seed raising, as a warmer in your pet's bed, or even a foot warmer

Dimensions - 12.5" x 12.5"
5 Stars
Works well
I own two using them in conjunction with a thermostat producing excellent results. My pads have been used with carboys and brew buckets and I feel that the sizing is very appropriate.
Reviewed by:  on 3/8/2017
5 Stars
This heat pad is just what the "doctor ordered."
The directions say that this heat pad will keep the wort or must just above the ambient temp which is probably great but I built a thermostat and set it at 68 degrees. This heat pad and my temp control work like a champ. I own 3 of these and would recommend them whole heartedly.
Reviewed by:  on 6/23/2015
5 Stars
Works just fine
I didn't want to get a fermwrap because it sounded like a pain to have to tape it to the side of my fermenter every time. This works well. In my 62 degree basement it warmed a standard glass carboy to 68 with no insulation, 72 with a blanket 25% open. So either use a temp controller to dial in your temp or wrap in a blanket partially.
Reviewed by:  on 1/20/2015
3 Stars
Good, but not great
I have owned a carboy heater for years, the plastic sheet type. I can control the temperature of my fermentation by wrapping it tighter to the carboy, or by letting it hang a little loose. But since I've been making a lot of beer and wine of late, I needed another heat source, so I thought that I would try a heat pad. So how has it performed so far? Sitting a glass carboy of fermenting beer on it, it actually gets too warm. So I have been controlling the heat by putting wedges under the carboy to limit how much contact is made with the pad. Also, the size of the pad is much larger than a carboy, so a lot of heat is lost. On the other hand, when fermenting wine, this heat pad is not quite warm enough. My plastic wine fermentation bucket only gets to about 72 degrees, just a wee bit short of what I would like, but with a little insulation I bet that I could get it to work just fine. The heat pad isn't bad, but in hindsight, I would have purchased another plastic sheet type heater. I suppose that with a temperature controller I could really dial this pad in to what I want. But at this point I just don't want to throw another $80 at this issue. Perhaps a few months down the road. Salud!
Reviewed by:  on 4/1/2014

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