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HellFire Burner Natural Gas Conversion - Stand Burner

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Item Number: 54-aHellFire-GasConv-STA
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HellFire Burner Natural Gas Conversion - Stand Burner

Convert your Blichmann HellFire Floor Burner from propane to natural gas with this conversion kit.  Natural gas is a great alternative to propane, and you won't have to worry about your tank running out halfway through your brew day. Due to the lower energy content of natural gas compared to propane, there is a 15% derate but there's still plenty of heating power. Approximate heat output is 60,000 BTU / hour.

Kit includes an orifice ported for natural gas, simply swap your existing orifice and remove your propane regulator.  This does require a separate gas shutoff valve, which is NOT included with this kit.

We recommend using a professional plumber for hard plumbing a natural gas line or attempting any piping to your brew set-up.

Special Note.
This is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow for processing time and ground shipping. It can only ship to physical addresses within the contiguous 48 states. A signature for delivery is required.

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