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Hellfire Shelf Burner TopTier

Item Number:54-aHellFireBurner-STA
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To be used with Blichmann's TopTier Modular Brewstand. 
(Max weight is 250 lb)

Blichmann's NEW answer to the propane burner. 

A 140,000 BTU/hr burner that is a great blend of heating power and efficiency - and does so whisper quietly! It's NEW dual mode capability allows you to switch between high power mode and high efficiency mode depending on your brewing needs (140,000 BTUs VS 80,000 BTUs)! The infinitely adjustable retaining bars can accommodate any size kettle and properly secure it.  The patent pending clip on heat shield will help keep your flame burning where YOU want, and prevents adverse effects from high winds.  In addition, low flame combustion is clean, wind performance is outstanding, and the heavy stainless construction is built to last a lifetime. For operation on natural gas expect 15% less power and 15% longer heating times due to the lower BTU content of natural gas vs. propane. 

-Stand Mounted Burner (For Use with Blichmann TopTier System)
- Dual Mode Capability - High Power Mode and High Efficiency Mode
- up to 140,000 BTU/hr 
- Patent Pending clip-on heat shield
- Infinitely adjustable kettle retaining bars
- Non rusting fume free stainless steel frame 
- Excellent outdoor flame stability 
- Quiet operation 
- Low setting performance without yellow flame (blackens bottom of pot) 

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