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Home Canning Kit with Measuring Cup - 5 Piece

Home Canning Kit with Measuring Cup - 5 Piece

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Home Canning Kit with Measuring Cup - 5 Piece

An amazing kit for experienced or beginner canners! Great for making YOUR OWN large batches of jam, salsa, barbecue sauce and more! This kit includes 5 must-have tools for all seasoned canners; the Jar Brush, the Jar Funnel, the Jar Lifter, Magnetic Lid Lifter/Bubble Remover, and a 2-Cup Measuring Cup. BPA free.

Kit Includes:

The Jar Brush - this brush is shaped to fit any size canning jar, and makes cleaning the tough to reach deep corners of your jars

The Jar Funnel - Ensure all your ingredients make it into your jar and not your counter! This canning funnel with fit both regular and wide mouth canning jars and helps keep food and liquid from contaminating the jar rim.

The Jar Lifer - safely place and remove your jars. The Jar Lifter not only protects your hands from hot jars but helps keep the lid seals secure from accidentally breaking.

Magnetic Lid Lifter/Bubble Remover - This handy tool serves two purposes. You can use one end to remove bubbles that form while filling your jars, and the other end features a magnetic tip for placing hot canning lids on your jars. This reduces the residue on your jar rim and no more burned fingers!

2-Cup Measuring Cup: This graduated measuring cup has easy-grip handles and has a 2-cup capacity.