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Home Distilling Equipment

Quality easy-to-use home distilling equipment, home distillation supplies and units by Still Spirits.

Please Note: depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing. Be sure to check the legal status of distillation in your country.

Ever wonder what still you need to use? Check out this Guide to Stills & Distilling
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Turbo 500 (Still Spirits)
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Distiller's Complete Beginner Kit
$739.99  $599.00
Distiller's Complete Beginner Kit with Alembic Dome
GrainFather Distilling Beginner's Kit with Alembic Dome
Air Still Distiller's Beginner Kit
Air Still Distiller's Beginner Kit
Everything you need to start distilling today.
$458.00  $399.99
Pot Still Alembic Condenser (Still Spirits)
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$169.00  $109.85
Copper Still (1 Gallon)
Copper Still (5 Gallon)
$630.00  $549.99
Copper Still (15 Gallon)
Copper Still (15 Gallon)
Special Order Item
Copper Still All Riveted (30 Gallon)
Proofing Parrot (Copper)
EZ Filter
Still Spirits EZ Inline Filter
EZ Carbon Filter
Fermentation Kit (Still Spirits)
SS T500 Faucet Adapter
Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator
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Alcohol Lamp
FermFast Copper Mesh Roll
FermFast Copper Mesh Roll
20' of pure copper mesh
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Carbon Snake (Liquor Quik)
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Activated Charcoal (500 grams)
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Measuring Pitcher (5 Liter)
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Activated Charcoal (85 grams)
FermFast Liquid Activated Carbon
FermFast Liquid Activated Carbon
Powdered activated carbon slurry for use in purification of fermented alcoholic wash.
Air Still Washers Pack of 10
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Air Still Rubber Ring
Copper Saddles (100 Grams)