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Homebrew Kegerator Kit BALL LOCK (no keg)

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Build a 1 Keg System
Item Number: 99-0211
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This Homebrew Kegging System (without keg) Includes:

-Tap Rite T-Handle Dual Gauge Regulator

-Ball Lock Faucet Shank Assembly with 5 feet of thick wall beer line, 4-1/8" shank, tail piece assembly and MFL beer disconnect

-Ball Lock Gas Line Assembly with 5 feet of thick wall gas line, MFL gas disconnect and clamp to attach gas line to regulator

-Faucet Wrench

-The 4-1/8" shanks will span 2-1/2 inches of wall/door. Make sure there are no cooling lines or wires before you drill!

Our CO2 tanks speak for themselves. If you can rent one locally, go for it. If not...we have some darn good prices!

The gauge guard is a great way to protect your regulator and is highly recommended here at AIH. Check our options!

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