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Hop Effect 5 mL Simcoe Hop Resin Syringe
Hop Effect 5 mL Simcoe Hop Resin Syringe

Hop Effect 5 mL Simcoe Hop Resin Syringe

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Hop Effect Simcoe Hop Resin Extract Syringe

Simcoe is known for its brewing versatility and unique aroma characteristics. It contains high alpha and low-cohumulone which has found favor in the craft and home brewing industries for dual purpose applications. Aroma: include passion fruit, pine, berry, and earth characteristics.

Simcoe Hop Effect is pure resin extract of simcoe hops containing alpha acids, beta acids, and hop oils. Simcoe Hop Effect is produced using a CO2 process that extracts the soft resins and essential oils from simcoe hops. It can be used during the boil to provide bitterness while flavor and aroma contributions can be expected when used for late kettle or whirlpool additions. 

Simcoe Hop Effect Benefits
• Increased final volume through reduced kettle trub
• Reduced hot-side brew kettle foam formation during the boil
• Bitterness, flavor, and aroma via late boil additions
• Variety specific hop character and related notes in beer
• Reduced vegetal and polyphenol flavor contribution
• Increased alpha utilization approx. 5% over regular hops/pellets
• Excellent stability of alpha acids, beta acids and hop oils
• Extended shelf life and reduced storage requirements

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