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Hop Spider
Hop Spider

Hop Spider

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Hop Spider

Designed to easily add hops to your boil, the Hop Spider is great for both new and experienced brewers. The Hop Spider, constructed of 304 stainless steel, features 3 adjustable arms connected to a central ring. This center ring measures 3.75" in diameter and is designed to attach a reusable nylon hop bag. The open, free hanging design of the Hop Spider ensures your hops are dispersed evenly throughout your batch, reducing clumping and vegetal hop matter. The Hop Spider can also be used for steeping grains if you are extract brewing. The adjustable arms each have an anti-slip silicone sleeve on the tip, ensuring a stable grip on almost any sized kettle.

Hop Spider Dimensions:
-Central Ring Diameter: 3.75"
-Arm Length: 9"

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