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Hot Mix Wine Finings 1 LB
Hot Mix Wine Finings 1 LB

Hot Mix Wine Finings 1 LB

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Hot Mix Wine Finings - 1lb

Hot Mix Fining Agent. Positively charged fining agent for beer and wine. Noted for working when other fining agents have failed. Also provides a compact sediment bed, pressing down other fining agents and increasing yield. Used as a coating medium for filter pads, to decrease porosity. 

To use, stir 1/2 tsp. per gallon into one quart of briskly boiling water. Boil for three minutes, stirring well to completely dissolve. Use 1/2 cup of the prepared solution for every gallon of wine. Stir thoroughly into wine, leave for 2 weeks, and then rack off sediment. 

Although it may contains some colloidal compounds which can make it gel, this is derived from the preserved skeletons of marine animals found in dry seabed, suspended in powdered agar gelatin.

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