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Inkbird Thermaprobe Digital Thermometer

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Inkbird Thermaprobe Digital Thermometer

This easy to use thermometer is a must for any kitchen or brewhouse. The Inkbird Thermaprobe is a highly accurate, fast reading digital thermometer with a wide temperature range. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to the grip and also serves as storage for the 180 degree rotatable temperature probe. The back of the Thermaprobe also features a magnet which will strongly adhere to any steel material, ensuring the Inkbird Thermaprobe is always at hand when you need it. This is the perfect thermometer for measuring food, liquid, paste and semi-solid materials.

- Accurate to +/- 1.8 F within -4 F to 392 F
- Temperature readouts in 4-7 seconds
- Temperature range between -58 F to 572 F

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