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Intertap Faucet - Chrome Plated

Intertap Faucet - Chrome Plated

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Intertap Faucet - Chrome Plated

Pour like a pros with the Intertap Forward Sealing Faucet with modular spout design. The forward sealing mechanism of the faucet keeps beer inside, rather than draining completely out like a traditional rear-sealing faucet. This ensures the interior of your faucet stays cleaner and avoids sticky residue which can clog your faucet handles operation. The Intertap Faucet uses a sliding shuttle to properly place the o-ring into perfect position everytime.

But that's not it! The Intertap Faucet also features a modular spout. Simply unscrew the threaded spout and get a variety of uses out of one tap. Easily attach a stout spout or growler filler to get the best pour for what you need everytime!

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