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Jarrylo (US) Hop Pellets - 1 lb.

Jarrylo (US) Hop Pellets - 1 lb.

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Jarrylo Hop Pellets - 1 Pound

The Russian pronunciation is Yar-i-lo with the emphasis on the letter I. Jarrylo is the god of fertility, heralding spring. The presented was as a barefoot young man (or more rarely a girl), in a white robe, a white horse, with a wreath on his head. A good dual purpose hop.

Aroma: Pear, orange, spicy, fruity

Suggested Brewing : Pale Ales, Saisons and Belgians

  • Alpha: 15-17%
  • Beta: 6.0-7.5%
  • Co-Hum: 34-37%
  • Total Oil: 3.6-4.3 ml/100g
  • Myrcene: 40-55% of total oils
  • Caryoph: 8-11% of total oils
  • Humulene: 15-18% of total oils
  • Farnesene: <1% of total oils
Facts about Jarrylo

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