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Kefir Starter Culture 2 pack

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We like to consider kefir to be the Miller High Life of dairy products. This product makes a rich, creamy beverage with a champagne-like effervescence which may be sweetened with honey or maple syrup to produce a satisfying and healthy dairy option. This culture can be used with cow, soy or goat milk and may be re-cultured.

This culture can be re-cultured but it is a complex culture (many different cultures) and is very difficult to get consistent results without good temps and time controls on the ripening.

This culture is comprised of l. cremoris, l. plantarum, s. lactis, s. cremoris, s. diacelilactis, saccharomyces kefir, skim milk powder, ascorbic acid

This product is manufactured in a facility that manipulates products that contain wheat, soy, eggs, milk and fish (including shrimps). 

This culture will produce 1 gallon of milk.


Warm 1 gal. of pasteurized milk to 86ºF. Add and mix in 1 packet. Cover and let set at room temperature undisturbed for 12 hours or until thickend to desired consistency. Refrigerate.

Store packages in the freezer for up to 2 years.

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