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Keg Cleaner Replacement Pads - 2 ct
Replacement Pads Only

Keg Cleaner Replacement Pads - 2 ct

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Keg Cleaner Replacement Pads

Replacement pads for the keg cleaner.  The exclusively designed cleaning pads are made of a 100% non-woven viscose material specially processed using air-spun technology. This makes the Keg Cleaner cleaning pads super absorbent, lint free, strong, yet soft enough that it will not scratch any fine surface.

What makes these cleaning pads special though is on the inside! A high strength yet flexible plastic insert helps the cleaning pad maintain rigidity during the high torque produced by a cordless drill and the super absorbent, expanding cellulose sponge at the end of the cleaning pad assists in the centrifugal cleaning force and cyclonic action of the Keg Cleaner!

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