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Kegerator Homebrew Conversion Kit

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Ball Lock
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Kegerator Homebrew Conversion Kit

If you have a kegerator that dispenses a commercial beer keg, with a 5/16" ID gas line and 3/16" or 1/4" ID beer line, this Kegerator Homebrew Conversion Kit includes everything you need to convert it to dispense ball lock home brew kegs.

Click here for the pin lock version.

What you do first is cut off the existing wing nut and nipple from your gas and beer lines at your existing sanke tap, then fit the swivel barb fittings on them so they can easily switch between the included threaded ball lock fittings and your newly threaded sanke tap (sanke tap threaded conversion fittings included).

Once you convert your kegerator with this kit, you can easily change from your Sanke commercial beer tap to ball lock ( or pin lock ) fittings for homebrew in minutes. Switch back and forth without having to cut any lines, or pry hoses off of stubborn hose barbs.

Click here for conversion kit instructions

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