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Limited Edition California Trio Blanca Wine Kit (March 2015)

Limited Edition California Trio Blanca Wine Kit (March 2015)

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California Trio Blanca - Ships March 2015

Lake County, California

Northern California has some of the oldest vineyards on the west coast, with Spanish Missionaries planting back in the 18th century.  Today, the sunny rolling hills of the Lake County are moderated by the cool waters of Clear Lake, the oldest lake in North America.  With all of this history, the land is ideally suited for growing a variety of grapes.

The three grapes that make up this blend are distinct characters indeed.  Chardonnay is the popular and adaptable friend with apple and melon characteristics. Chenin Blanc reflects the soil well in its chalk and citrus aromatics, while its acidity anchors its structure down on the palate.  Finally, lady Muscat with her wildly perfumed nose and distinctive "grapey" flavor gives the blend a refreshingly fun and juicy addition.  

This wine is sip-worthy on its own, but will also pair well with fuller white meats such as roasted turkey or duck, and exotic flavors like curries and south-Asian cuisine.

Sweetness: Dry 
Body: Medium 
Alcohol: 13.5%*

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