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Limited Edition Mosel Valley German Riesling Wine Kit (January 2015)

Limited Edition Mosel Valley German Riesling Wine Kit (January 2015)

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Mosel Valley German Riesling - Ships January 2015

Mosel Valley,Germany

Like scenes from a postcard, the Mosel river winds its way at the bottom of a valley with 700ft slopes draped in vineyards. These steep slopes are treacherous even for the bravest of grape growers, where the Riesling grape is grown in abundance and is hailed as the great grape of Germany.  At 49° latitude north, grapes are at their northernmost limit in terms of cultivation, but the warm sunny southern-facing slopes of this magnificent valley bring the Riesling to its full potential.


Riesling, with its pronounced acidity and ability to mask sweetness, is a grape that is happy in a cooler climate.  Its notable flavors of lemon, fresh apple and limestone will encapsulate you with its tangy acidic kick and the soft, gentle sweetness on the finish to tie it all together.  
This wine loves food, and many sommeliers often reach for Riesling as their wild card.  This German example would pair beautifully with schnitzel, white fish, or simply a good book.

Sweetness: Off-Dry
Body: Light-Medium
Alcohol: 10%*

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