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Limited Release The Candidate Red 10L Wine Kit

Limited Release The Candidate Red 10L Wine Kit

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This year's turbulent U.S. presidential race has intrigued our Canadian neighbors to the north so much that they were inspired to create a pop up launch of two very special Winexpert World Vineyard Limited Release Wines: The Candidate Red and The Candidate White. All of North America will get to vote for their favorite Candidate wine! World Vineyard wines are country specific and represent the best expression of grapes grown in their specific regions. These two top-notch "Candidates" hail from, of course, Washington (state that is). The red we are dubbing the "Tiny Tuscan." It is a classic Super Tuscan blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese that will be as smooth as your favorite politician's stump speech. The white is a "Pinot with a Punch." It pairs the clean zestiness of Pinot Grigio with the snap of Riesling and the round fruit flavor of Viognier that will make it more refreshing than a fulfilled campaign promise. Like with the fast pace of the election, you will have a short window to cast your vote (order) to assure getting supply of these interesting, reasonably priced, high quality blends. 

Presale orders will be accepted starting today until Wednesday, May 11th.

Shipping Mid-June. 

Flavor and Aroma: Black cherry, red and black currant with smokey, spicy undertones 
Sweetness: Dry 
Body: Medium 
Oak: Medium 
ABV: 13%

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