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Liqour Quick Accelevin K.C.2.

Liqour Quick Accelevin K.C.2.

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LIQUOR QUIK ACCELEVIN K.C.2 AcceleVIN™ K.C.2. contains a special blend of selected wine yeast mixed with 3 different nutrient salts. When added with the standard 5g yeast sachet contained in most wine kit add-packs, will reduce the fermentation time from 21 to 5 days, with minimal loss of bouquet or taste. The inclusion of two Super-Kleer K.C. fining agents will ensure the wine clears within 48 hours. Recommended for use with any low-medium end and fruit wine kits NOT containing Super-Kleer K.C. E.g. Winexpert/Vineco, Mosti Mondiale and other miscellaneous kits. If your kit ONLY contains gelatine, isinglass or sparkolloid, you will require the K.C.2. version. Add the AcceleVIN™ K.C.2. yeast/nutrient package along with your 5 g yeast sachet (included in your wine kit) to the fermenter. Gently stir the wine to dissolve the nutrients. Now follow your specific wine kit directions. INGREDIENTS: EC-1118 Wine Yeast, Yeast Nutrients, Kieselsol, Chitosan
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