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Liquid Glucoamylase - 4 oz.

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Liquid Glucoamylase - 4 oz.

Use to maximize starch substrates conversion into fermentable sugars in your mash. Also reduces carbohydrate levels, increasing the level of fermentation leading to a higher alcohol production.

Directions for Use:
-For use in your mash, add directly into your mash during mash-in or immediately after using 0.5-10 kg/MT of dry grist. 
-For use in fermenter, add to chilled wort before or after pitching yeast using 2-12 g/hl of wort or beer (may remain active after beer pasteurization when used in fermentor).
-For use in potable alcohol, add below 158 F at saccharification or in the fermenter using 0.3-0.6 kg/MT of dry grist.

4 oz. Bottle

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