1. Liquid Glucoamylase 4 oz.
Liquid Glucoamylase 4 oz.
Liquid Glucoamylase 4 oz.

Liquid Glucoamylase 4 oz.

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Liquid Glucoamylase - 4 oz.

Directions: Add into your mash during the mashing-in or directly after mashing-in. For use in your fermenter, it is recommended to add to chilled wort before or directly after pitching your yeast (if used in the fermentor, it may remain active after beer pasteurization. For use with potable alcohol, add at temperatures below 70oC at saccharification or in the fermenter.

Maximizes the conversion of starch substrates to fermentable sugars, primarily glucose.
Reduces levels of leftover carbohydrates
Increases the level of fermentation, leading to increased alcohol production

Usage Levels
Mashing-In: 0.5-10 kg/MT of dry grist
Fermenter: 2-12 g/hl wor or beer
Potable Alcohol: 0.3-0.6 kg/MT of dry grist 

Homebrew Directions
The utilization is by liquid weight in kilograms with a range of .5 to 10 kg used per MT.
Take the dry weight of the grain bill (X) and plug it into: 
  • (X/2204.62)*500g [Minimum level, for lower beta-glucan brews] 
  • (X/2204.62)*10000g [Maximum level, for higher beta-glucan brews]