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Malt Vinegar Culture
Malt Vinegar Culture

Malt Vinegar Culture

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Malt Vinegar Culture

Who knew beer could make such wonderful tasting vinegar?!? This was made with Ale, but we imagine it would be good with whatever your favorite beer, ale or other malted beverage is.

This vinegar starter can be used with either carbonated or flat (think leftover Kegs...) beers. The process is simple and takes only minutes to get started. Once your vinegar mother is cultured and producing, it will continue to provide you with fresh homemade vinegar for as long as you provide it with beer/ale and water.

This jar provides you with Organic Mother of Vinegar Culture made from Ale and directions for making your own wonderfully delicious homemade vinegar. This is a sumptuous MALT vinegar starter that continues to mellow and improve with age.

Net Weight 8 Fluid Ounces

INSTRUCTIONS: In a clean one gallon jar, combine 24 oz. Ale and contents of this jar. Cover with loose mesh cloth to allow air transference, and store at 75-80 degrees for 3 to 6 months for complete conversion. Using the same proportions as above, make more vinegar and use the rest of your culture for fish n' chips, salads, cooking, cleaning, health, etc. Pasteurize to stop conversion.

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