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Mark's Bottle Washing System
keg and carboy washer SOLD SEPARATELY

Mark's Bottle Washing System

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22 oz bottle cleaner; for use with Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer
Item Number: C255-8000
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Mark's 22 Oz Bottle Washing System for the 
Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer

Overview and Features:

Tired of spending more time washing bottles than brewing beer? The bottle washing system allows you to efficiently clean and sanitize thirty 22 ounce bottles. With this system, you can wash, rinse and sanitize enough bottles for a standard 5 gallon batch of beer. The system uses your existing Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer's pump and basin (SOLD SEPARATELY--SEE OPTIONS)

The entire system can be assembled in minutes by hand and without any tools. The trays should remain permanently assembled. The manifold can be disassembled periodically for cleaning.

The system consists of 3 components: the 8-jet manifold, the drip pan and the 2 trays. There are 2 trays included so you can handle all 30 bottles without having to unload and reload bottles into the trays. The weight-bearing lower shelf of the tray is composed of fiberglass re-enforced nylon. This prevents the trays from warping over time.

The manifold includes 8 jets to allow for enough water pressure in each bottle for a thorough cleaning. You wash 8 bottles, flip the tray around and wash 8 more bottles (one bottle gets washed twice).

Since the trays of bottles are heavy, we even developed a special cross-arm approach to flipping the bottles without having to set the tray down (see picture)
The drip pan allows you to drop the pre-loaded trays onto the 8 jets. This is the key to making the bottle washer efficient. You load all your bottles into the 2 trays; then you can wash, rinse and sanitize them all without having to remove them from the trays.

New to Brewing and Don't Want to Invest in Kegs, CO2 and a Keg Refrigerator?

As a brewer, you will either keg or bottle your beer. Washing bottles is a chore and can really put a lot of new brewers off the hobby before they really ever start. The bottle washer will help deal with what is probably the worst thing to do with the hobby. Also, bottles can be kept in your regular refrigerator and your beer will stay fresh longer than if you stored it in a keg. You might not buy the keg & carboy washer and the bottle washing system immediately, but after you have brewed a few batches, we urge you to consider it. It will make your hobby so much more rewarding.

Even "Keggers" Need to Bottle Once in a While

Even if you have kegs, there will be times you want bottle your beer. You may want to give them as gifts. You may want to enter a contest. Maybe you have a special recipe that you want to consume over a longer period of time.

Take Care of Your Bottles

Storing bottles upright with liquid in the bottom can result in mold taking hold. If possible, clean bottles as quickly as possible and store them dry. The trays are ideal for doing this.

Temporary Bottle Drainage and Storage

The trays are convenient for draining bottles as they are emptied. Keep an empty tray on hand to store your empty bottles as they are emptied. This will allow them to drain and dry. Once you have 2 full trays, they are ready to clean. Simply set up the system and clean the bottles. Then you can store your clean bottles in an empty case until the next batch needs bottling.

The trays are not intended for long-term storage of bottles. To avoid warping the trays, store them without bottles loaded. The bottom shelf of the tray is made of very strong fiber re-enforced nylon, but can eventually warp under the weight.

Clean As You Go

Nobody likes cleaning dirty bottles and equipment. Our goal is to make it so easy to perform this function that you will do it as you go. If you empty a carboy by filling a keg or bottles, clean it right then and there before it gets all stinky and moldy. If you fill a tray of empty bottles, clean them immediately. The biggest barrier to making the next batch is cleaning dirty equipment from the last batch.

We to live up to our slogan: Beer Made Easy!

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