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Mason Jar Fermentation Kit by Masontops
Mason Jar Fermentation Kit by Masontops

Mason Jar Fermentation Kit by Masontops

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Mason Jar Fermentation Kit by Masontops

Simple, easy-to-use kit to start fermenting delicious foods!

The Mason Jar Fermentation Kit is ideal for beginning to craft your own small batch fermented foods. Make sauerkraut, kimchi, or pickles in the comfort of your own home. This kit combines three innovative products, The Pickle Pipe, Pickle Pebbles PLUS+, and the Pickle Packer to form a mason jar fermentation dream team. These tools will help eliminate the risk of mold and allow you to "set and forget" your mason jar fermentations, making fermenting your own vegetables quick and easy! 

The Pickle Pipe silicone airlock is a one-piece waterless airlock that easily screws on under a standard mason jar band, that require no monitoring. Don't worry about "burping" gas or refilling a water reservoir. Simply stuff your mason jar with delicious veggies waiting to ferment. And what better way to pack your vegetables than the Pickle Packer. This 10" tall all natural, untreated acacia wood packer features two flat ends, each a different diameter (2" & 2.5") for packing vegetables into all size mason jars as well as traditional ceramic fermentation crocks. The Pickle Pebbles PLUS+ are lead-free, food grade, non-porous clear glass fermentation weights. These pebbles will keep your vegetables in your brine without leaching any flavor into your creations!

Kit Includes:
-Set of Four Pickle Pipes (for Wide Mouth Mason Jars)
-Set of Four Pickle Pebbles (2.75" Diameter x .75" Thick)
-Pickle Packer

Care Instructions for Pickle Packer:
Hand wash with soapy, warm water only. Do NOT use in dishwasher or allow to stand in water as it may damage the wood. Occasional oiling may lengthen life of this product. Use food-safe mineral oil for oiling.

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