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Micro Pipework for the Grainfather

Micro Pipework for the Grainfather

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Micro Pipework for the Grainfather

Grainfather introduces the new Mirco Pipework kit, containing small top and bottom overflow pipes, for brewing smaller batches or standard batches with smaller grain bills. By replacing your current pipework with the Micro Pipework, your Grainfather will be perfect for brewing 2.5 gal (10L) batches! The smaller batch size allows you to experiment with test batches or just have more variety of beer to choose from!
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Not Perfect
I ordered the micro pipework because I generally make 4 gallon batches that generally require about 10 pounds of grain. This seems to be right below the lower limit of the standard grainfather pipework. That being said it seems that the micro pipework is at it's upper limit with a 10 pound grain bill. Perhaps a medium pipework is needed. If your grain bill is under 10 pounds this should work for you but if you're over then stick with the standard pipework.
Reviewed by:  on 8/1/2017

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