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Mini CO2 Regulator w/MFL

Mini CO2 Regulator w/MFL

Item Number:73-3794
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Add a 74 Gram Co2 Bulb?
Add 1/4 MFL Gas Disconnect
Add Brass 1/4 FFL swivel
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Mini CO 2 Regulator w/ 1/4" MFL

Features a 1/4" MFL This mini regulator uses a 74 Gram Co 2 Cartridge 5/8" thread.

You can also add a gas disconnect and 1/4"FFL x 1/4" FFL swivel and it will connect right on to the keg and make it ready to use, please see the add on.

Great for on the go use!!!
1 Stars
I wish I could leave zero stars. Basically this is on or off, no way to dial in any sort of meaningful pressure. The CO2 cartridges cost over $10 each (I've scoured the internet). And worst of all it leaks. Brought a keg to a BBQ yesterday and brought piece of garbage with. When I used it to recharge the keg (blindly adding a few seconds of gas) which worked well enough the first time. However when I went to do it again I noticed the $12 CO2 cartridge was empty (I should have had at least 90% left). Not only does this piece of junk not let you dial in a pressure as one would expect, the darn thing leaks too. DO NOT BUY!!! Such a huge disappointment.
Reviewed by:  on 7/3/2017
2 Stars
John's review is dead-on. NO real control. I'm wishing I had not purchased, even at a relatively low cost. In my attempt to VERY slowly release I had a burst of pressure that resulted in about 1/2 of the cylinder pressure being released in a blast resulting in a foamy mess. It looks nice, the cylinder connects easy enough and the whole thing is simple to put together. Fine tuning it does not have.
Reviewed by:  on 6/21/2017
4 Stars
Works in a pinch
Bought this set to serve (NOT carbonate) a 2.5 keg of IPA at a New Years party down at our beach-house. I knew full well that it would involve a bit of tinkering because of the stats of the regulator. After it was all set up and leak tested, it seemed to work fine for pushing with the exception that no matter how gentle or slow I tried to "crack" the valve on the regulator (to allow only a small amount of CO2 to enter the keg) it was very difficult to get it just right and not foam up when serving. I ended up just leaving the regulator/CO2 on at its lowest open "setting" but disconnected from the keg. Whenever pressure ran low, I just would raise it up a hair by quickly bumping the keg with the disco in momentary bursts. This seemed to work to solve the situation. If you're in a bind or willing to sacrifice a bit of simplicity for cost, this little set up works great. If not, you may want to investigate one of the mini-regulators out there that operate at the lower dispensing pressures. For my purpose, it worked fine though I must admit, the next mini-reg I buy will be one that can be physically set, and left, at serving pressure and remain connected to the keg.
Reviewed by:  on 1/5/2017

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