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Mini Paintball CO2 Regulator
Mini Paintball CO2 Regulator

Mini Paintball CO2 Regulator

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Mini Paintball Co2 Regulator

Great for bringing your carbonated beverage to a tailgating party, camping and can be used on any size homebrew keg.

This Mini Paintball Regulator comes with a 1/4" MFL outlet fitting and fits your standard paintball tanks with a G1/2-14 thread. A standard 20 oz. paint ball tank holds enough Co2 to carbonate and dispense 5-10 gallons of carbonated Beer, Wine, Coffee, Mead or Cider. It features a 0-60 PSI gauge tolerance and a working PSI range of 0-30 on most tanks under 20oz. 1 PSI increments and can be adjusted very easily with the calibrated screw on top. You can either force carbonate or dispense with this regulator. 

You can also purchase a stainless steel bracket that screws onto the unit itself for mounting or hanging the regulator or a gas line assembly in the options above! 

This regulator is designed and intended for use with Co2 ONLY, and NOT to be used on any other high pressure gases.

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