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Motorized Apple Shredder
Motorized Apple Shredder

Motorized Apple Shredder

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Motorized Apple Shredder

This motorized, easy to use apple shredder is designed to process fruit before they can be pressed for their juices. This shredder works great for apples, pears or any other fruit you need to process but DO NOT USE with pitted fruits such as peaches and cherries. Constructed of stainless steel, this sturdy machine is built to last and disassembles simply for cleaning. The Motorized Apple Shredder is incredibly simple to operate, and is very safe with the cutting blades buried deep in the interior of the machine.

Runs on standard 110V power with 1.5HP Motor.

To Use:
-Feed fruit into hopper at top of machine
-Fruit falls into spinning cutter blades, which shred fruit
-Mash is pushed out the machine into your waiting bucket
-Transfer to  your press!

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Ships Direct From Manufacturer
Ships Direct From Manufacturer