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Muntons Canadian Malt Extract

Muntons Canadian Malt Extract

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Muntons Canadian Malt Extract

A dark sweet yet subtle beer brewed to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger. OG 1036° to 1040°. Reminiscent of the slightly hoppier lager style beers popular throughout Canada.

The characteristic compromise between traditional lager and English Ale. Lovibond: 4 

3.3 lb can packed with yeast and instructions. 
Muntons 3.3 pound cans are designed to make 6 gallons with an original gravity of 1.040 (with 2.25 LB of dry malt extract or sugar) giving about 4.1% ABV.  We prefer to make 5 gallons with 3 LB of dry malt extract to give an OG of about  1.051 and 5.2% ABV.

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