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Natural Cranberry Flavoring
Natural Cranberry Flavoring

Natural Cranberry Flavoring

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4 ounce Bottle
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Natural Cranberry Flavoring 128 oz Bottle.

Great for beer or fruit wines. Making a Cranberry Lambic? Thanksgiving Dinner Ale? This will get you that Cranberry Flavor. Cranberry wine or mead just missing a little bit of Cranberry Flavor? This will boost that flavor. 

Directions for use:

Start with adding 1 oz of flavoring per 1 gallon of your beer or wine. From there you may add until you are happy with the taste.
-If you are bottling, add to the wort when you add the priming sugar.
-If you are kegging, add when the beer is poured into the keg.
-If you are using with wine, add to bottle-ready wine in the fermenter about 1 week before it will be bottled. Make sure to stir gently.

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